Over 500,000 UK Homes Are Getting Paid by the Government for their Solar Panels – Should you?


Would you consider installing solar panels if you could cut your energy costs? If you qualify for this scheme, you could be getting paid to harvest free energy from the sun!

Thanks to a little-known government scheme to support green energy, UK residents are getting paid to create their own solar energy.

Solar energy is the future. Governments across the globe are incentivising people to go green, and the UK is no exception.

Millions across the country are ready to embrace solar energy, but have been put off by the costs of installing solar panels. In fact, energy costs are getting higher across the board, and traditional energy suppliers show little signs of improvement. But new government green energy incentives mean you could install a new solar panel system without having to pay a penny up front - and make up to $600 a year producing your own solar energy!

How Does it Work?

All you need to qualify for these government incentives is to meet these criteria:

  1. Be a UK homeowner
  2. Work 16 hours+ a week
  3. Own a suitable unshaded roof

And that’s it!

To start the process to get your new solar panels, you first need to register for the PSP scheme. If you qualify for funding, a qualified solar assessor will carry out a survey of your home for free, to make sure your roof is suitable for your new solar panels. Once your property is approved, all you need to do is book an installation date.

Now everything is in place, you can begin selling a percentage of the energy you produce back to the national grid through the government’s feed-in tariff scheme.

Act Now

The current government is changing the rules of the feed-in tariff scheme all the time - most recently in January 2016. It may be that such a scheme will disappear in the future, or you will be paid less for the energy you produce, but once you are locked into a tariff it stays fixed.

This scheme has been kept quiet, like most government incentives - partially to do with pressure from traditional power companies. But it’s real, and available to the public! So take advantage while you still can.




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